Vice President – Jennifer Nguyen

Degree: Bachelor of Business (Marketing) & Bachelor of Laws – LLB


Jennifer began her journey with WiB at the beginning of 2019 during her first year at UTS as a Marketing Subcommittee member and was later successfully appointed as Marketing Director in 2020. From then, she has progressed to becoming the current Vice-President at WiB and hopes to fulfil her passion in advocating for female empowerment in the workplace and gender equality.

Jennifer is currently in the third year of her combined degree. She is an ambitious, energetic, and fun-loving person with a strong ability to empathise with others. Jennifer enjoys the beauty of good food and is always open to making new friends.

In her role as the Vice President, Jennifer seeks to spread the importance of understanding the ongoing workplace issues. She is motivated and determined to contribute to Women in Business’ vision, to empower and encourage women that they are able to achieve any goal.

Her Career

Jennifer is looking to start a career in the area of Property & Commercial law and hopes to practice as a solicitor in the future. She has a strong interest in this area and believes that it taps into her entrepreneurial and creative way of thinking. Jennifer would love the opportunity to travel for work in the future, whilst becoming immersed in the culture wherever she may be. 

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