Treasurer – Eshna Karan

Degree: Bachelor of Business (Major in Accounting and Finance)


Eshna has been part of WiB for a year, initially joining as an Events Subcommittee member and is now beginning the year as Treasurer. Her motivation for joining WiB was to contribute to the importance of understanding gender equality in the business world as well as empowering women to achieve their goals. Eshna is currently in her final year of a Bachelor of Business (major in Accounting and Finance) and hopes to enter a graduate career in accounting. Eshna has always had a strong interest in financial market trends and analysing such information. Aside from this her interests are playing soccer, watching documentaries about ancient history, economics and politics.

Work Experiences

Eshna currently works as an assistant accountant at Ashdan Partners, where she has increased her skills and understanding of accounting practices through the use of exposure to various accounting software. In the future, she hopes to enter a position in the area of accounting and finance.   

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