Treasurer – Marianne Stewart


Name: Marianne Stewart
Bachelor of Business, Majoring in Accounting with a Sub-major in HR and Chinese Language

Marianne is currently in her final year of her under graduate degree and is planning on furthering her studies in Accounting.

When she is not in class or at work, she will be reading books about social justice and binge watching TV shows. She is a social tennis player and when the weather is just right you will find her lying on the beach.

Marianne is passionate about being a part of WIB due to the message that it conveys to its members and the amazing group of people it has cultivated throughout the years of the societies existence.

Work Experience
Marriane has extensive experience in the customer service field and has been engaged in volunteer roles at UTS.

In the Future
On a professional level, Marianne hopes to join an Accounting firm which will assist in the further development of the skills learnt in her tertiary studies. Ultimately, she wants to be part of a workplace that encourages equality and values its employees.

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