4 things I’ve learned as a part-time 9-5’er

I spent my summer sitting at a desk, all day, 3 times a week, for 3 months (and counting). Though it may sound boring, I can assure you that my internship experience is nothing but that. I’ve been fortunate enough to land a role as a Strategy Analyst intern at a boutique management consulting firmContinue reading “4 things I’ve learned as a part-time 9-5’er”

Tips and Tricks for your next Networking Event!

Written By: Katie Gu Networking! Networking! Networking! The dreaded word all first years come across but don’t know what to do with (or just any student, regardless of year, let’s be honest). But, don’t fret. Women in Business has got your back! We prepared a list of tips and tricks that you should always haveContinue reading “Tips and Tricks for your next Networking Event!”

Eleven Tips from My Internships

Written By: Hannah (2016 President) Image courtesy of the film, The Intern. Hi everyone, It’s the middle of university semester, and for many of you, the beginning of a long three to four-year journey, or it may be nearing the end of your university career. This may not be on many Business students’ mind right now,Continue reading “Eleven Tips from My Internships”

Chartered Accountants ANZ Employment Evening

Start your path to be the difference in our changing world at Chartered Accountants ANZ Employment Evening Do you want to make a difference? Do you want to contribute to something bigger than yourself? Whatever that difference is and how you make an impact is up to you. Chartered Accountants ANZ can help you discoverContinue reading “Chartered Accountants ANZ Employment Evening”