Subcommittee – Vivien Nguyen


Name: Vivien Nguyen
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Bachelor of International Studies
Position: Subcommittee

When it hit the end of high school, she went with her sparking passion and jumped into an IT and International Studies degree at UTS. Vivien is currently in her third year of a double degree in Information Technology and International Studies, majoring in Business Information Systems and Japanese. Her double degree allows her to study Japanese, as a third language, besides her native languages of English and Vietnamese. She has been able to immerse herself in a rich culture to feed a globalised mind-set.

She joined UTS Women in Business in the 2019 Subcommittee to find a new group of like-minded and career driven people that were also interested in the educating and supporting women. She is heavily involved with volunteering and humanitarian work and putting her best efforts towards issues that matter to her. first joining the General Committee of the Red Cross Society in 2017 and then advancing into the Treasurer role in 2018. Within her role, she held a key role, managing the societies’ finances and external transfers, planning event budgets, overseeing new projects and events’ logistics, supervising all members and membership fees as well as enabling the spirit of young humanitarians and charity work across the UTS campus and into the wider community.

Vivien continues to push herself and get involved with different programs allowing her to see all different perspectives. She has taken part in the Austern International Career Bootcamp as well as the Lucy Mentoring Program. You can always find her helping her friends film and edit, volunteering and learning Japanese.

Work Experience
Vivien started her work experience in retail during high school moving onto interning and other career opportunities in university. Vivien was the NSW Project Officer for Oaktree, completing a 4-month period working with an agile management system. She currently interns for the Australian Computer Society Foundation as a Marketing and Administrative Assistant. Despite working, she also takes on initiatives with the UTS Women in Engineering and IT, including the First Years OWL Mentoring Program and Women in STEM Volunteering.

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