Subcommittee – Jenny Ngo


Name: Jenny Ngo
Degree: Bachelor of Accounting
Position: Subcommittee

Jenny is a second year accounting student completing a sub-major in Finance. She is fluent in Vietnamese and is passionate about continuing her Mandarin studies after last studying the language during her HSC exams 2 years ago. She believes there is no better feeling than having native speakers understand her, and derives great motivation to strengthen her Chinese proficiency from this.

Jenny is the type of person who would approach a random stranger on the street and ask them to take a photo for her, just to capture a good moment with family and friends. She takes nothing more seriously than taking a decent photo because she believes it keeps memorable moments fresh in her mind.

In her leisure time, she loves spending time at the beach and absorbing all of its goodness alongside great company. Despite experiencing multiple baking disasters, including a 6-time failure to bake French macarons, Jenny has continued to exercise her interest in baking sweet goods to satisfy her sweet tooth.

Work Experience
Jenny was given the opportunity to complete a 6-month internship at Westpac Group in 2018. She has also previously worked as a retail assistant and customer service representative at David Jones, and still remembers her first-ever fast food job. Currently, she is balancing her university commitments with a personal tutoring job.

In the future
Jenny’s ultimate aspiration is to become a Finance professional and spend some time working and travelling overseas. Presently, she wants to make the most out of her university experience by getting involved as much as possible, having fun and saving to go on Global Exchange to South Korea!

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