Subcommittee – Jen Fong


Name: Jen Fong
Degree: Bachelor of Accounting
Position: Subcommittee

Jen is studying the Bachelor of Accounting, having an interest in business and the evolving industry. She has an interest in social justice, particularly the rights of Indigenous Australians and has been fortunate enough to stay and learn from the local Aboriginal community at Uluru. In her spare time, she enjoys playing tennis and soccer. Going on road trips and camping is also something she enjoys. Jen is excited to be part of WIB to learn more about the opportunities for women and to support and encourage a balanced workplace for women and men.

Work Experiences
Jen gift wraps for customers at Myer during Christmas. She volunteers at Jesuit Mission, a non-for-profit which provides education and livelihood programs to marginalised communities in Timor and India.

In the Future
In the future, Jen would like to be doing something she enjoys in business and perhaps going on more road trips around Australia!

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