Subcommittee – Elizabeth Burgess

img_2438-1.jpgName: Elizabeth Burgess
Degree: Bachelor of Accounting
Position: Subcommittee

If you were to ask Elizabeth what she wants to be when she grows up, her response would be a powerful woman. Elizabeth is currently a first-year student studying a bachelor of accounting through UTS’ coop program, with the goal of entering the business world. Using this degree she hopes to climb the ranks of the corporate world.

Work Experiences
At school Elizabeth gained an education driven by the notion of women having the ability to achieve anything. At school she participated in multiple extra co-curricular including sports such as netball and rowing, music; orchestra and chamber strings and public speaking, mock trial and debating. She was also involved in volunteer work through coaching, umpiring and community service. While at school, she also participated in program designed to aid girls in understanding how to overcome the gender gap, called the Mary Ward Circle Program. This program taught her to have a greater sense of confidence in the workplace. Elizabeth’s work experience involves working at Hoyts, where she worked at the candy bar. Currently she works as a netball coach and at her local chemist.

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