Subcommittee – Catherine Yao


Name: Catherine Yao
Degree: Bachelor of Accounting
Position: Subcommittee (Events)

Catherine is currently in her second year of the Bachelor of Accounting degree, and intends to major in Accounting and Management. She enjoys getting involved with the events and opportunities of university life, and seeks out new experiences whenever possible.

As part of WiB, Catherine contributes to event planning and organisation. When she is not at uni, Catherine loves to explore new places, read short stories, paint or use oil pastel, watch comedy programs, bush walk and spend time with friends and family.

Work Experiences
Catherine completed a six-month internship as a Financial Planning and Control intern at Coca Cola Amatil North Sydney. In addition to tutoring primary school students, Catherine also works casually as a Student Promotional Representative of UTS (SPROUTS) for the UTS Business School, and volunteers for the Respect.Now.Always. consent program at UTS.

In the Future
Catherine would love the opportunity to follow different and exciting career opportunities within the realm of Business which will hopefully take her around the world. In the long run, she is interested in further study and a career in academia.




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