Subcommittee – Brenda Luine

Position: Events Subcommittee

Degree: Bachelor of Business


Brenda is a second year Bachelor of Business majoring in Accounting and Finance. Hard working and driven, business hasn’t however always been her first choice. She previously studied French Pastry and specialised in Chocolate making in France, which awoke her interest in business management. Moving from different countries throughout the years has allowed her to develop a very open mind and therefore seek opportunities such as contributing to UTS Women in Business Society.

In her spare time she loves to express her passion for sweets and share it with people close to her. As an introverted person, she also enjoys books, crafts and all kind of food experience. 

Work experience:While studying in France, Brenda had the chance to do several internships and a two years apprenticeship through which she worked for two of the best chocolate makers in Lyon, where she lived. Moreover, she had the opportunity to work for an Australian chocolate maker in Sydney as a sale assistant and is currently volunteering as a UTS Peer Networker.

In the Future

Studying Business is one of the many stepping stone to a life long project of building and nurturing her very own company, making artisan chocolates from beans all the way to the bars.

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