Subcommittee – Alice Tran


Name: Alice Tran
Degree: Bachelor of Accounting
Position: Subcommittee

Alice is a first-year student currently studying the Bachelor of Accounting Co-Op program. Prior to this, she wasn’t always interested in business given that she didn’t study business studies or economics in high school but was mostly driven towards a career in STEM. However, ever since switching to a business degree she has not looked back. Alice enjoys the opportunity the course has given her to develop her soft skills such as communication, interpersonal skills and teamwork which she hopes to enhance further as a part of the WiB subcommittee.

In her spare time, you will find Alice hanging out with my friends, discovering new cafes in Sydney or watching Netflix. Alice also adores dogs and proudly owns two herself. She is also an avid volunteer assisting with the organisation of fun runs and raising money for various charities.

In the Future
After her studies, she hopes to inspire other young women interested in becoming business leaders like herself. Further, Alice aims to travel in the future and work overseas to experience different cultures.

Alice is keen to meet new people and have the opportunity to contribute to a great society.

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