Subcommittee – Alice Tran

Position: Sponsorship Subcommittee

Degree: Bachelor of Accounting


Alice is a current second-year business student majoring in accounting and sub-majoring in information technology (IT). Prior to this, she wasn’t always interested in business given that she didn’t study any business related subjects but was mostly driven towards a career in STEM. However, ever since switching to a business degree she has not looked back. Alice enjoys the opportunity the course has given her to develop her soft skills which she hopes to enhance further as a part of the WiB subcommittee.

Alice has a strong passion towards gender diversity and equal opportunities in the workplace especially for females. She hopes that her time in WiB will be fruitful to raise awareness, encourage and inspire young women who are hoping to enter the corporate environment. 

In her spare time, you will find Alice hanging out with my friends, discovering new cafes in Sydney or watching Netflix – she just finished Brooklyn 99 season 6! She also adores dogs and proudly owns two herself. 


Alice has just completed a 6 month internship with Lendlease Corporation with the finance team and hopes to continue developing her hard skills particularly Excel this year! She is also currently working with UTS as a U:PASS leader and Peer Networker. In the future, Alice hopes to continue working in the finance sector with the goal to take her skills abroad and work overseas to experience different cultures.

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