President – Anjali Warrier



Name: Anjali Warrier

Degree: Bachelor of Management (Digital Creative Enterprise)




Anjali has been a part of WiB for 2 years now, and will finish her university journey as the President. She is extremely passionate about empowerment and equality in the workforce, and hopes that her time at WiB can inspire the community of students. She began her journey with WiB as an events subcommittee member, and then successfully was appointed the Events Director at the end of 2018. During 2019, she planned and conducted multiple events, and was then appointed Vice-President in August 2019.

Her goal as President of the Women in Business society in 2020, is to continue to empower our community to achieve their goals. Anjali hopes that as a society, WiB can inspire students and provide the support and opportunities they require to thrive in their careers.

In her spare time, Anjali enjoys spending time with her friends, going on road trips and eating Korean food. After a long and tiring week, she also enjoys winding down the best way she knows – watching Sleepless in Seattle and eating chips with salsa.


Her Career:

Anjali currently works as a student ambassador for the UTS Business School, and is a marketing assistant at a start-up based in Sydney. She enjoys creating marketing content and using design thinking methods to help organisations achieve their objectives. In the future, Anjali hopes to work for a social-impact organisation. Ultimately, her goal is to use her skills to help communities and provide them with better opportunities to improve their quality of life.


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