Marketing Director – Jasmine Wong


Name: Jasmine Wong
Degree: Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation
Position: Marketing Director

Jasmine is a second year student currently studying the Business and the Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation. Jasmine attended an all-girls high school, which she says instilled in her a real value for equal opportunity in the workplace but also in society. She enjoys extending her knowledge and love of all things business.

Outside of university, Jasmine is a dancer and also a dance teacher at her studio. She plays and coaches softball, swims, skis and plays touch football. She loves spending time with friends and also making new ones. Jasmine also loves to travel with family or friends, both overseas and locally. It sounds like a lot to juggle, but she says she would be bored without such a full life! In her few moments of spare time, she enjoys watching Suits, MAFS or any form of reality TV she can find!

Work experience
Volunteering and work has always been a part of Jasmine’s life. She completed work experience at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia in the home loans marketing department, which helped her make the choice to pursue a career in business. In addition, she has also undergone a virtual internship with KMPG, been selected as a Student Representative for the UTS Business School, worked in a leading sales position in specialty ski gear and is now in her second year working with WiB!

In the future
Jasmine envisages a future where she can start off by gaining experience in the corporate world, but in long-term she would like to found her own business. She knows there is no certainty in what she will do but can only hope for a career she enjoys and fins fulfilling

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