Our Executives

Introducing the 2021 WIB Executive Team! Although they may come from different degrees, they all passionately share the same goal: the creation and facilitation of a positive environment where both male and female students acquire knowledge about gender equality in the workplace. Ultimately, they want to equip and empower women with the confidence to achieve personal goals in their professional and personal life.

On a lighter note, what else can we say about these fun people? You can expect a lot of productive work from these seven individuals when they come together but at the end of the day, they will always be down for a few drinks and pizza.

Click on their individual profiles to learn more about them.

Elizabeth Burgess


Email: president@wib.activateuts.com.au

Jennifer Nguyen

Vice President

Email: vicepresident@wib.activateuts.com.au

Eshna Karan


Email: treasurer@wib.activateuts.com.au

Ruby Duncan


Email: secretary@wib.activateuts.com.au

Chantelle Maphosa

Marketing director

Email: marketing@wib.activateuts.com.au

Celine Baranov

Sponsorship Director

Email: Sponsorship@wib.activateuts.com.au

Claudia Hunter

Events Director

Email: Events@wib.activateuts.com.au

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