Executive Sponsorship Director – Clare O’Rourke

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Name: Clare O’Rourke
Degree: Bachelor of Business in Accounting (2nd Year)
Position: Sponsorship Director
Previously: Autumn 2017 Subcommittee

Clare has a lot of passion. These include studying hard, exercising daily in her favourite brand Nike and eagerly hunting for the world’s best burger or milkshake. She prides herself on having a lot of self-motivation and proactivity and loves sharing these values with others.

If she is not doing any of these above activities then she is listening to some good tunes, photographing her Italian Greyhound or taking a trip to the cinemas to watch a captivating film (especially around Oscar season!). Her top two favourite films are Million Dollar Baby and Little Miss Sunshine, both of which make her cry. Her other interests include London, the Royal Family and travelling. She is of bright nature and is told that she has a very unique laugh!

Work Experience:
Clare has completed a six-month internship at Ernst and Young in the assurance division working with multiple clients across various industries. She currently works as a note-taker for UTS Student Services to assist students with disabilities in their lectures or tutorials. She was previously a basketball coach at her old high-school.

In the Future:
Clare loves culture and as such aspires to travel with work and in a job that aligns to her passions and values.

To reach Clare for any matters relating to sponsorship such as our packages, what they include and arranging a potential meeting, email her at: sponsorship@wib.activateuts.com.au

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