Executive Secretary – Nancy Do

Name: Nancy Do
Degree: Bachelor of Accounting (2nd Year)
Position: Secretary
Previously: Subcommittee (2016)Events Director (2016-2017)

Nancy is currently in the 2nd year of her 3-year degree Accounting degree with plans to do a sub-major in Finance and IT. She is currently working as an Assistant Fund Accountant to help her develop her skill sets and supplement her current studies.

In between studying and working, you can find her spending copious amounts of money and time on Lego, reading and collecting books or watching the odd documentary here and there on topics ranging from bitcoins & blockchain to why cats are so hostile. She is also an avid cat lover (animals more so in general) – so if you need a conversation starter, just mention cats and dogs to break the ice with her!

Nancy is just a regular person who has an impassioned belief that in order for substantial and positive change to occur in society, it is necessary to challenge the status quo and stand firmly for what you believe in. She lives by the motto that

Work Experience:

Nancy has completed a six-month internship at AMP Capital as a finance and accounting intern and is currently working as an Assistant Fund Accountant at AMP Capital in the Property/Real Estate Fund Accounting Team.

In the Future:

On a professional level, Nancy is interested in Funds Management and Real Estate (the area she currently working in), but she is still discovering new areas and pathways every day. More than anything, she hopes to continue to be actively involved in the conversation and action towards creating a fairer and more equitable society.

To reach Nancy for any matters relating to the society, email her at: secretary@wib.activateuts.com.au

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