Events Director – Anjali Warrier



IMG_0435.jpgName: Anjali Warrier
Degree: Bachelor of Management (Digital Creative Enterprises)
Position: Events Director

Anjali is currently in her second year of a Bachelor of Management degree. She has been a member of Women in Business from her first day at university, entering the executive team as an events subcommittee member. Anjali then successfully became the Events Director at the end of 2018. She is now committed to taking WiB to new heights through events, creating more opportunities for members to expand themselves and achieve their goals and aspirations.

Along with her university commitments, Anjali works as a student representative of the UTS Business School, where she spends her time helping students enhance their university experience.
When she isn’t busy working and carving her path towards world domination, Anjali enjoys spending time with her friends and eating Korean barbecue. Her other favourite past times include driving around with her friends singing to old school RnB music and binging Brooklyn 99 and Friends.

In the Future
Anjali hopes to work in her chosen field, exploring the options that the Digital Creative industry has to offer. She also hopes to fulfil her goal of becoming an entrepreneur.

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