Engagement Director – Vanessa Truong

IMG_0477.jpgName: Vanessa Truong
Degree: Bachelor of Business / Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation
Position: Engagement Director

Vanessa is currently in her second year pursuing the Bachelor of Business, majoring in Finance, sub-majoring in Management Consulting, and Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation. She joined WiB’s Subcommittee Team in her first year and was voted Subcommittee of the Year before progressing into WiB’s Executive Team as an Engagement Director for 2019.

She is a proactive individual who constantly find a way to engage herself in a variety of activities on campus. She hopes to be able to share her unique experience with UTS and inspire future students to maximise their uni experience here. She has volunteered to represent and share her passion for UTS in multiple events as well as projects such as Open Day 2018 for UTS Marketing and Communication Unit, Orientation 2019 promotional videos and a few events with international school representatives for UTS International. She is also very keen on helping her fellow students in her free time as a Volunteer Buddy for UTS HELPS Buddy Program, a peer tutor in Accounting A and Business Statistics for UTS Student Association, and an IBP Student Mentor for UTS Business School.

Apart from that, Vanessa spends the remaining of her time attending networking events to learn more about her future opportunities as she is yet to settle her interest in a particular field. She also enjoys expanding her professional connections on LinkedIn (LinkedIn is probably her most frequently used social media). She always has an urge to push herself out of her comfort zone to try new experiences and opportunities.

Work experience
Vanesa is currently working as an Administrative Assistant at UTS International. She is also an Ambassador Recruitment Manager for Grad Mentor.

In the future
Vanessa is yet to settle her professional goal in a particular area but she’s very fascinated by Investment Banking and Management Consulting at the moment. She hopes to be happy and successful in her chosen field in the future.

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