Design Directors – Michelle Prajogo & Katie Gu




Name: Michelle Prajogo
Degree: Bachelor of Business
Position: Design Director (Graphic)

Michelle is a second year business student majoring in marketing and IT, and got her start in the WiB team as a member of the marketing subcommittee. She was originally drawn to pursuing a career in business after studying Economics in high school, and was captivated by the dynamic and unpredictable nature of the financial market. Michelle is passionate in advocating for gender equality in the workplace, and believes in working towards achieving an even playing field free of discrimination in all industries alike.

Michelle has a keen interest in starting her career in an industry that allows her to explore her passion for IT and creative thinking, but she remains open to the possibilities in front of her. When she’s not studying or working, Michelle spends her free time watching reruns of Futurama or sewing elaborate halloween costumes for her dogs.

Work Experience
Michelle had her first foray into the business world by working with a team to launch e-commerce store NeonicStudios in 2014, working as an administrator for two years. Since then, Michelle has had no shortage of odd jobs here and there – whether it be designing posters for Lifeline Australia, or checking out groceries at Woolies.

In the Future
Michelle is still exploring her options for the future, but she’s excited to see where her degree will take her. But for now, she’s focused on acing her studies at university and learning as much as she can about the intriguing and exciting world of business.




Name: Katie Gu
Degree:  Bachelor of Business/International Studies
osition: Design Director (Digital)

Katie is a third year Business and international studies student majoring in Finance, Accounting and Chinese. Katie wasn’t always interested in business, however her first year at university has completely changed her outlook of the industry. The fast paced, ever changing market is what has attracted her, and she has changed her degree into a double degree, with international studies in Chinese, as she aims to be closer to her roots, heritage and consequently possibly work in China in the future.

In her spare time, she’s constantly spending her time next to the pool with a whiskey and coke or burying herself in online shopping websites trying to find the cutest pair of shoes. She also aims to understand the market and one day invest her savings.

In the Future
Katie doesn’t have any concrete plans for the future, but she’s optimistic. For now she will continue to be curious about life and taking everything as a learning experience.

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