Subcommittee – Celine Baranov

Position: Marketing Subcommittee

Degree: Bachelor of Business and Science 



Celine has been part of WIB since 2019 as she started off as an events subcommittee, and she will continue being involved in the society through to 2020 by being part of the sponsorship subcommittee. She aims to continue being involved in the society to help grow and demonstrate the importance of the impact women have in the workplace. Aiming to inspire and encourage other individuals.

Aside university, Celine loves travelling and trying out different forms of sports and exercise to keep fit and healthy to keep that university stress away. She loves spending time with her friends and especially going out for breakfast and getting a good coffee. She also likes to keep herself busy throughout the day. 

Her career

In 2020 Celine will be the Australian Union of Jewish Students Treasurer, as her major in Business is finance, she has chosen this major and does enjoy maths and the financial side of life as she finds it extremely fascinating. In the future, Celine aims to work for a health focused organisation and to be part of the financial aspect. As her passion for health combined with finance has led her into this goal aiming to enhance the wealth of health orientated organisations to then be able to create large impacts. 

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