My experience at the 2018 AMUNC

The Asia-Pacific Model United Nations Conference (AMUNC)  is the largest annual Model United Nations conference within the Asia-Pacific region, aiming to bring together a tertiary-level UN simulation where participants act delegates from different countries and organisations to discuss and debate pressing international issues. Our subcommittee member Paris had the incredible opportunity of participating in this year’sContinue reading “My experience at the 2018 AMUNC”

Women in Business Spring Mentoring Program 2018

UTS Women in Business are proud to announce that we are launching our Mentoring program for the Spring semester of 2018! The UTS WiB Spring Mentoring Program was specifically created to facilitate an ongoing mentoring relationship between  industry professionals and UTS students. It is a program where the Mentors share their own personal knowledge, expertise,Continue reading “Women in Business Spring Mentoring Program 2018”

The 4 Stages of Last-Minute Exam Prep

The exam timetables are out, and we’ve started planning how we are going to study effectively and smash the exams. But unfortunately, this is not reality… instead we will continue to not catch up on our readings, fail to update our study notes, and our well thought out plans will not be of any use.Continue reading “The 4 Stages of Last-Minute Exam Prep”

10 Tips for Surviving End of Semester Exams

So the exam timetable has just been released and you’re all of a sudden feeling the intense pressure of the impending end of semester finals. Here are a few tips to help you take control of exam season and make the most of your study! 1. START EARLY There really is no better time thanContinue reading “10 Tips for Surviving End of Semester Exams”

Life as an International Student

Moving away from home to another country alone to study is a significant milestone for every international student. Things are bound to get difficult and complicated, especially in the first few months, as ‘being independent’ is easier said than done. You realise everything you’ve learnt from ‘How to prepare yourself for uni in Australia’ YoutubeContinue reading “Life as an International Student”

4 things I’ve learned as a part-time 9-5’er

I spent my summer sitting at a desk, all day, 3 times a week, for 3 months (and counting). Though it may sound boring, I can assure you that my internship experience is nothing but that. I’ve been fortunate enough to land a role as a Strategy Analyst intern at a boutique management consulting firmContinue reading “4 things I’ve learned as a part-time 9-5’er”

So you’re 5 lectures behind and mid-sems are creeping up… Here’s what to do

Written By: Kerstin Allin Exclusively for WIB. The first 5 weeks of any semester is always strange. There are ice breakers, dad jokes, missing classrooms, non-existent required texts… The weeks speed by and everyone is in the ‘it’s chill, nothing is due yet’ phase. You skip a lecture and tell yourself that you’ll take notesContinue reading “So you’re 5 lectures behind and mid-sems are creeping up… Here’s what to do”