Ladies First: Debunking The Myth Of Chivalry And Its Implications

Written by Michaela Agius #NOTALLFEMINIST When we think of the word feminism, we frequently think of division in society because of its ‘controversial’ nature. There are a multitude of perspectives on the definition and implications of such a contemporary social movement that it seems to open a can of worms to the traditional perspectives onContinue reading “Ladies First: Debunking The Myth Of Chivalry And Its Implications”

Climbing the corporate ladder

Written by Vivien Nguyen ‘A father and his son are in a terrible accident. They are rushed to the hospital in critical care. Unfortunately, the father passes from his injuries. However, the son needs to be operated on immediately. The boy is taken into surgery. The surgeon looks down and exclaims “I can’t operate onContinue reading “Climbing the corporate ladder”

‘What? Like, it’s hard?’

The discourse surrounding breaking barriers as a woman has surely evolved throughout the subsequent waves of feminism. It has been almost 140 years since the first instances of protest concerning women’s suffrage and access to political activities triggered Australia to become the second nation to give women the right to vote (after New Zealand inContinue reading “‘What? Like, it’s hard?’”

Women in Business Spring Mentoring Program 2019

UTS Women in Business is proud to announce that we are launching our Mentoring program for the Spring semester of 2019! The UTS WiB Spring Mentoring Program was specifically created to facilitate an ongoing mentoring relationship between industry professionals and UTS students. It is a program where the Mentors share their own personal knowledge, expertise,Continue reading “Women in Business Spring Mentoring Program 2019”

2019 Subcommittee Applications (First Year)

Spice up your university life and be part of a great journey – join the Subcommittee of the ever-growing UTS Women in Business student society. Behind every great student society, a great team of Executives is necessary but more importantly; behind a great team of Executives is a great team of Subcommittee. SO WHAT ISContinue reading “2019 Subcommittee Applications (First Year)”

Tips And Tricks For Your Next Networking Event!

Written By: Katie Gu Networking! Networking! Networking! The dreaded word all first years come across but don’t know what to do with (or just any student, regardless of year, let’s be honest). But, don’t fret. Women in Business has got your back! We prepared a list of tips and tricks that you should always haveContinue reading “Tips And Tricks For Your Next Networking Event!”