An Intersectional Feminist Guide to Pop-Culture

Can you feel the revolution coming? In 2018… where activism, understanding and change is being accepted as the norm –  we bring to you a guide to pop-culture. Check out the following equality-centric entertainment genres from movies to comedians that are being backed by two self-proclaimed feminists, yours truly.  Also, some of our personal favourites areContinue reading “An Intersectional Feminist Guide to Pop-Culture”

So you’re 5 lectures behind and mid-sems are creeping up… Here’s what to do

Written By: Kerstin Allin Exclusively for WIB. The first 5 weeks of any semester is always strange. There are ice breakers, dad jokes, missing classrooms, non-existent required texts… The weeks speed by and everyone is in the ‘it’s chill, nothing is due yet’ phase. You skip a lecture and tell yourself that you’ll take notesContinue reading “So you’re 5 lectures behind and mid-sems are creeping up… Here’s what to do”

5 tips on preparing for exams

Written By: Mariam (Marketing Director) Exclusively for WIB.  It’s that time of the semester again (sigh)…last-minute late night cramming, three cups of coffee, binge eating and telling people that you’re studying when you’re actually not. We’ve all been there, and if I had a dollar for every time I said I would be more organised next time,Continue reading “5 tips on preparing for exams”

Tips to Maintaining a Work-Study-Life Balance

Written By: Mariam (Subcommittee) and Joanne (Marketing Director) Exclusively for WIB.  We hear a lot about the importance of finding a balance between work and our personal life, but never about how university students can adapt a work-life balance while studying. No doubt, every university student struggles to cope with the pressures of work, uni, gym andContinue reading “Tips to Maintaining a Work-Study-Life Balance”

Procrastination. Procrasti-gramming. Procrasti-baking. Procrasti-napping.

Written By: Clare (Subcommittee) Exclusively for WIB.  Do you sometimes feel like you’re more of a full-time procrastinator than a full-time student?  Well, whether you fully agree with this statement or you’re a procrastinator who procrastinates in diagnosing yourself as a procrastinator, it’s time to start adopting some key strategies to overcome this immortal university enemy! […]