6 Tips That Will Help Nail Your Next Job Interview

Congratulations, you’ve gotten an interview! (or you’re doing your research about tips and tricks for interviews – Good for you). I can tell you one thing for sure – interviews are scary. There’s no doubt about it. Even experienced job hunters can tell you about horror stories, but here are some quick tips I’ve learntContinue reading “6 Tips That Will Help Nail Your Next Job Interview”

How To Make The Best Of Your Internship

1. Get involved If they have quirky work rules/events, get involved. My work has monthly dress theme days – last month was Onesie Day and you bet I got into that one! Before that my job had Formal Tuesday, We Wear Pink on Wednesdays and casual Fridays. It lets you become a better part ofContinue reading “How To Make The Best Of Your Internship”

How to Ace Any Job Interview

Your resume is perfect, your cover letter polished, now all that stands between you and the job is the interview.  Whether you’re applying for your dream position, or a summer internship – a strong interview is an essential stepping stone in showing employers why you’re the perfect candidate for the job.  First impressions count If yourContinue reading “How to Ace Any Job Interview”

How to Ace a Presentation

Presentations are an inevitable part of uni assessments and the corporate world but a large majority of people dread public speaking. As with any skill, it’s a matter of practising and improving your own style of presenting to build your confidence. Whether you love presenting in front of people or get super anxious just thinkingContinue reading “How to Ace a Presentation”

4 things I’ve learned as a part-time 9-5’er

I spent my summer sitting at a desk, all day, 3 times a week, for 3 months (and counting). Though it may sound boring, I can assure you that my internship experience is nothing but that. I’ve been fortunate enough to land a role as a Strategy Analyst intern at a boutique management consulting firmContinue reading “4 things I’ve learned as a part-time 9-5’er”

Tips and Tricks for your next Networking Event!

Written By: Katie Gu Networking! Networking! Networking! The dreaded word all first years come across but don’t know what to do with (or just any student, regardless of year, let’s be honest). But, don’t fret. Women in Business has got your back! We prepared a list of tips and tricks that you should always haveContinue reading “Tips and Tricks for your next Networking Event!”

3 reasons why you need to learn Excel – no matter what you’re studying!

Written By: Clare O’Rourke Exclusively for WIB.  Are you a student who cowers at the sight of the menacing green Excel icon? Do you think that the words “Excel” and “fun” could never be used in the same sentence? Well, here at UTS Women in Business, we love telling our members the truth. And theContinue reading “3 reasons why you need to learn Excel – no matter what you’re studying!”