Procrastination. Procrasti-gramming. Procrasti-baking. Procrasti-napping.

Written By: Clare (Subcommittee) Exclusively for WIB.  Do you sometimes feel like you’re more of a full-time procrastinator than a full-time student?  Well, whether you fully agree with this statement or you’re a procrastinator who procrastinates in diagnosing yourself as a procrastinator, it’s time to start adopting some key strategies to overcome this immortal university enemy! […]

Citi Women in Banking Scholarship 2017

At Citi, we recognise diversity as one of our competitive advantages. A diverse workforce understands clients better and is more creative and innovative on their behalf. To seize this competitive advantage we must foster a workforce with different backgrounds, perspectives and ideas, and provide employees with a wide range of experiences and skills to developContinue reading “Citi Women in Banking Scholarship 2017”

Tips to Managing Group Work at University

Written By: Mariam (Subcommittee) Exclusively for WIB.  “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.” – Henry Ford Semester One has officially commenced, and yes…that means we’re going back to doing group assignments! Who doesn’t love group work?

10 Habits for Personal and Career Advancement

Written By: Mariam (Subcommittee) Exclusively for WIB.  Most of us have already experienced or are currently going through that pivotal peak of uncertainty and utter frustration in which we want to hit pause. For some of us, we may share the same frustration like securing an internship or graduate position at a top-tier company orContinue reading “10 Habits for Personal and Career Advancement”