Life as an International Student

Moving away from home to another country alone to study is a significant milestone for every international student. Things are bound to get difficult and complicated, especially in the first few months, as ‘being independent’ is easier said than done. You realise everything you’ve learnt from ‘How to prepare yourself for uni in Australia’ YoutubeContinue reading “Life as an International Student”

How to Ace a Presentation

Presentations are an inevitable part of uni assessments and the corporate world but a large majority of people dread public speaking. As with any skill, it’s a matter of practising and improving your own style of presenting to build your confidence. Whether you love presenting in front of people or get super anxious just thinkingContinue reading “How to Ace a Presentation”

An Intersectional Feminist Guide to Pop-Culture

Can you feel the revolution coming? In 2018… where activism, understanding and change is being accepted as the norm –  we bring to you a guide to pop-culture. Check out the following equality-centric entertainment genres from movies to comedians that are being backed by two self-proclaimed feminists, yours truly.  Also, some of our personal favourites areContinue reading “An Intersectional Feminist Guide to Pop-Culture”

Want to get more out of uni? Get involved!

Maybe you’ve gotten to your final year and you’ve realised you haven’t got anything to show to your employers about your time at uni, or a first year student who’s unsure of where to start. Here’s a few tips on how to get involved! 1) Join clubs and societies This might be obvious, but there’sContinue reading “Want to get more out of uni? Get involved!”

4 things I’ve learned as a part-time 9-5’er

I spent my summer sitting at a desk, all day, 3 times a week, for 3 months (and counting). Though it may sound boring, I can assure you that my internship experience is nothing but that. I’ve been fortunate enough to land a role as a Strategy Analyst intern at a boutique management consulting firmContinue reading “4 things I’ve learned as a part-time 9-5’er”

Tips and Tricks for your next Networking Event!

Written By: Katie Gu Networking! Networking! Networking! The dreaded word all first years come across but don’t know what to do with (or just any student, regardless of year, let’s be honest). But, don’t fret. Women in Business has got your back! We prepared a list of tips and tricks that you should always haveContinue reading “Tips and Tricks for your next Networking Event!”

First Year Survival Seminar Registration

Are you just about to commence your Bachelor of Business at UTS and feeling a bit lost? Are you still unsure about what the next step is? Would you like to know more about your mandatory first-year core business subjects? Which majors will be available to your next year and which one should you choose?Continue reading “First Year Survival Seminar Registration”