Women in Business Spring Mentoring Program 2019

UTS Women in Business is proud to announce that we are launching our Mentoring program for the Spring semester of 2019!

The UTS WiB Spring Mentoring Program was specifically created to facilitate an ongoing mentoring relationship between industry professionals and UTS students. It is a program where the Mentors share their own personal knowledge, expertise, and insight into the journey from student to professional – whilst Mentees gain guidance and support in carving their own career path and securing success in the industry.

By participating in this program, you will develop integral and beneficial skills and experiences that will undoubtedly help you in your immediate degree, university life and future endeavours.

Before applying to become a mentee, please ensure that you’re able to commit at least to one hour face-to-face meeting per fortnight.


Want to be a part of an enriching mentoring program that will elevate your degree and secure you valuable connections to professionals of the industry? You can apply to be a WiB Mentee by filling out the application below.

Applications will be judged on a rolling basis, so submit your interest forward now. Once we believe we have the right candidates, we reserve the right to close the applications ahead of scheduled date. For quality control, the Mentoring Program is capped at 25-30 mentees per year.

Note: to apply you must be a current member of WiB. You may sign-up here for the purpose of applying.


We match Mentees and Mentors based on their:

  • University degree
  • Professional and personal Interests
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Work experience
  • Industry

Mentors will be paired with 1-2 Mentees and meet on a fortnightly basis. These fortnightly meetings are to be arranged between the Mentors and Mentees personally. The WiB student initiative program runs throughout the UTS Spring Semester, the program period is TBA. During this period mentor/mentee meetings should occur at least 6 times.

All participants are provided with a booklet which contains suggested meeting topics. At the end of the program, Mentors and Mentees will be asked to sign off a participation sheet, acknowledging their respective’s partners’ attendance and cooperation.


All Mentors and Mentees are invited to join us at our Spring Mentoring Launch. The Launch allows an official introduction between the Mentors and Mentees and all participants will be receiving the Official Mentoring Handbook which contains recommended meeting topics etc.

Location: TBA

Time: TBA

Date: TBA


Applications close 18th August at Midnight

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