The Life Of A Marketing Intern

Internships are one of the best ways to learn about the industry you want to enter into without compromising on your university schedule. They give you the opportunity to enter an organisation for a period of time and learn how their business functions and operates. I had the amazing opportunity of completing an internship for a marketing firm this past year – here are some of my insights that I gained during my time as an intern!

Juggling tasks is key

giphy (4).gif

No two days in a marketing internship are ever the same – yes, I’ve done a coffee run before. But I have also helped with photoshoots, marketing campaigns, data analysis, content creation, influencer relations and so much more! AND this was all in my first 5 days of interning. Be prepared to learn things quickly and think up of creative solutions on the spot – it can be stressful at times but the vast array of skills that you develop make it well worth it!

Observation is the best way to learn

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Doing a marketing internship is a fantastic way to gain insight into the industry and learn from the best in the business. Make a note to observe how your colleagues work and approach tasks, and don’t be afraid of asking for advice or any questions you may have.

Be creative

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